An ethical hunt is our highest priority.

Master Hunting Guide Stefan who is passionate about hunting and nature, will take you along for an adventure thru the Namibian savanna. One of Stefan’s greatest trades is patience, so whenever you are ready, he will guide you to your hunting success.
Astra has a size of 6548 hectare /16180 acres, but our hunting concession area covers more than 80 000 hectare /200 000 acres.
The hunting season starts on the 1st of February and ends on the 30th of November.
A hunting booking should be a minimum of 7-10 days, so that there will be sufficient time to provide you with the best result. Any wounded animals will count as dead and will be charged full price.
A deposit will be charged in advanced per hunter $ 700.00 and non hunter $ 300.00 to secure your booking.
Our mission is for our guest to have an experience that they will cherish for a life time.

Equipment that you should bring along:

• Your rifle, we would advise you to bring a 30 caliber or larger
• Ammunition, no less than 40 rounds
• Binoculars
• Clothes for hunting, camouflage, green or brown
• Take warm clothes for in the morning, it can get really cold
• A warm hunting jacket
• During the day it warms up nicely, so take along some t-shirts and shorts for during the day( camouflage, brown or green)
• Sunglasses and a hat, Africa’s sun is quite aggressive
• Casual clothes and shoes for going into town, and in the evenings
• Good pair of hunting boots and warm socks
• Camera equipment

We would advise you to take sufficient precautions and insurance for you and your belongings prior to your travels.